Say hello to the world’s first (only!) eco-certified self-tanning brand: TanOrganic

Tan-Organic-Family-Shot…and goodbye to that biscuity or vague curry smell that lingers like an unwanted party guest – the Achilles heel of a lot of self-tan formulas.

Perfecting the natural self-tan formula is the make or break of a brand, and when we tested a lot of self-tanners during the Beauty Shortlist Awards it was pretty clear that there’s still quite a bit of reformulating to do – a lot of them aren’t there yet. (The same applies to natural SPFs because much as we love a natural sunscreen, a white zinc sheen on your beach body just doesn’t cut it).

So as we say goodbye to playing hide and seek with the British sunshine which has already emigrated until next summer (how long ago does August feel already?!) it’s out with the SPF40 and in with a good, go-to self-tanner, and we’re definitely liking TanOrganic’s so far.

TanOrganic Self-Tanning Oil


We also have a soft spot for an Irish brand with a great story behind it.  After various personal setbacks which would have overwhelmed most of us, the brand’s founder Noelle O’Connor wowed her Irish Dragons Den judges when she appeared on the show in 2010 during one of the most memorable pitches of the entire series. Now, TanOrganic is the most successful Dragons Den company so far, notching up €1 Million in sales in the first 3 months of trading and growing from strength to strength ever since.

NEW: TanOrganic’s 100% natural Self-Tanning Oil (yes to plant oils, no to mitts!)

TanOrganic’s latest groundbreaking product is their Self-Tanning Oil and it’s a breeze to use. You just apply it as you would a normal body oil, and wipe your palms with a baby wipe afterwards – forget the mitts or gloves.  If you want to build up the colour, re-apply 6-8 hours later, it’s as simple as that.

tanningoil (1)

Ideal for mums-to-be and kind to sensitive skins

Because it’s 100% natural, this self-tanner is ideal for mums-to-be, breastfeeding mothers and those with sensitive skin because it’s made with a unique blend of plant oils including Borage Seed Oil, Argan Oil and Orange Peel Oil.

Voted “Best Facial Tan 2013”

We like the fact that this new Self Tanning Oil does double duty as both a Facial and Body Tan and so did RSVP Magazine, clearly – they voted it Best Facial Tan 2013.

The natural plant and fruit oil formula combined with its subtle citrus scent make it a really lovely oil to use – plus, unlike a lotion, it delivers a luminous “glow-factor” to skin, too.

Better because…?

There are a lot of different percentages quoted by various sources when it comes to “how much” of a skincare product seeps into our bloodstream, but a recent study by the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health (long name!) found that up to 64% of what we put on our skin can get into the bloodstream (that’s high enough for us!)  If you take into account that the average woman applies (usually unknowingly) about 200 synthetic ingredients to her skin via personal care products – daily! – that’s about 2kg of synthetics a year. The stats are not pretty.

Skin cancer rates are escalating, too, but natural self-tanners have still been developing formula-wise and to be frank, some are not quite up to scratch yet!  So it’s no mean feat that TanOrganic founder Noelle O’Connor has created a stellar range in a milky way of natural and not so natural self-tanning products.

TanOrganic’s range is Aloe Vera-based, making it much more moisturising and their products are certified by PETA, the Organic Trust, the Ethical Company Organisation, the Vegan Society and approved by the Irish Eczema Society. Studies show that Aloe Vera not only improves the skin’s ability to hydrate itself, it also aids the removal of dead skin cells and has an effective penetrating ability.



…and there’s 33% OFF at the moment!

TanOrganic have a special offer on at the moment, so if you’re in the market for a new natural body oil which conditions skin and delivers a smooth shot of sun-kissed colour, it’s available online – and it’s coming to soon!

TanOrganic’s NEW Self-Tanning Oil is available online at


TanOrganic also delivers to Austria, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Monaco, Italy, US and Canada.

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TanOrganic Original – “Best Tan/Value” The Irish Times

TanOrganic Original

100% natural certified formula, this Aloe Vera-based, ultra-moisturising formula develops with no unpleasant aroma and is also perfect for more mature or sensitive skins. €19.99 at


Oil Arganic

Oil Arganic – named “Best Tan Preparation”  by Sunday Independent

Oil Arganic (also available as a 30ml try me size)

Oil Arganic is a unique cocktail of 8 plant oils with a subtle fragrances of roses for velvety smooth skin, silky hair, healthy nails, and an improved overall appearance of scars and stretch marks.  This plant and Argan-rich oil will help prolong your tan and ensure a perfect fade.€24.99 at

Discover the entire TanOrganic range at TANORGANIC.COM


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  1. Rebecca says:

    I have to give this a try – I’m sure that I’m allergic to DHA in normal self-tanners as they really make my skin so itcy! Can’t wait to see if this is the solution! Thanks! Rebecca 🙂

  2. M Laing says:

    It’s a real pleasure to visit this site daily – it’s so full of info and the comment/descriptions are sooo informative – and even witty at times.

  3. Gem Bolton says:

    This sounds amazing Fi! Very intrigued by the oil and the fact you don’t need to use a mitt. Did you escape totally streak/oompa-loompa-hand free?! x