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Part  night cream, part face mask, part exfoliant, Dahliana’s Overnight Fruit Lift Creme is quickly becoming something over an overnight sensation among beauty insiders and now it’s in the UK – exclusively at A Beautiful World

What’s it like? Super light, super absorbent with a fresh citrus scent (rather mandarin zesty). If you’re not mad about rich overnight creams that feel as if they “sit” on your skin, chances are you’ll love this!

Why? Delivers a serious antioxidant and enzyme hit while you sleep, for natural, non-chemical bio results and a fresher look in the morning. This formula’s literally loaded with Acerola cherry juice and Co-Enzyme Q10 which work to leave your skin more radiant, deeply hydrated while the all natural fruit acids help firm and tighten skin.


Fruit Stem Cell technology regenerates existing skin cells

Activates cellular turnover

Rich in full-strength pharmaceutical grade Co-Enzyme Q10

Cherry Juice brightens and lightens age spots and dull skin

Natural AHA’s renew dull skin overnight

Rosehip deeply hydrates and restores skin

Contains bacteria and acne destroying cherry juice

Made with Natural and Certified Organic ingredients

Chemical and Paraben-Free


GMO Free

Who’s it for? Pretty much all skin types and ideal for more mature skin.

How you use it Think of it as your go-to overnight cream (a refreshingly light version!) which goes to work while you’re sleeping. Use every other night on freshly washed skin. Dab a small amount onto face with fingertips and massage into skin in small circles until evenly covered.  You can also apply a thicker layer before bed as it doubles as a face mask. Because this is a very “alive”, natural product, it works best within 3 months of opening.

What’s in it?

Organic Dark Cherry Juice, Isolated Fruit Stem Cells, Juice Blend with Acerola Cherry,Olive Oil, Rosehip Oil, Shea Butter,Citrus Oil Blend, Aloe, Hydrolyzed Rice Proteins, Green Tea extract, Hydrolyzed Oats

How much? £56/42g at A BEAUTIFUL WORLD (sponsors of London Fashion Week)

And for US readers, it’s here! 

Who created Dahliana Naturals? Carola is German born, India-raised and California bred, read her story here

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