Top 5 Natural & Organic Beauty Finds at BATH & UNWIND

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“Bath” and “unwind”…two of our favourite words!

We’ve been scouting out Bath & Unwind’s new season natural and organic beauty lust-haves: a) to extend the late summer tan for as long as possible, and b) to keep the back-to-work stress levels in check after that dolce vita week in Sardinia (which already, alarmingly, feels long gone!)

So, to prep ourselves for the crisp blue sky days of mid autumn and new season rituals like the return of the long candlelit bath, here are the comforts and joys we’ll be stocking up on at Bath & Unwind.  Starting with:

  1. The Brilliant Body Oil

First up, Kniepp’s NatuRenew Organic Body Oil, essential for extending your post-summer bronzed Bond Girl look well into autumn.  There’s an organic oil fest inside this bottle including safflower, olive, sunflower and grapefruit peel oil to boost skin’s elasticity, and it’ll go to work on scars and stretchmarks, too.

NatuRenew Organic Body Oil by Kniepp



kneipp oil




  1. The Stress Less, Sleep Better Bath

Goodbye broken photocopier, annoying boss in a bad mood… and Tube journey from hell! A couple of capfuls of Tisserand’s De-Stress Luxury Bath Oil, plus a 5-star hotel fluffy white towel and a verre de vin by candlelight should put things to right. Tisserand’s essential oils are produced in small batches to ensure freshness and potency and this calming, uplifting organic lavender, marjoram and mandarin oil bath elixir is one of our favourite ways to end the day.

Tisserand’s De-Stress Luxury Bath Oil 

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  1. The Glow Getter, Look Better Tinted Moisturiser

If you’re under 25 and/or your skin’s on the oily/combo side, look away now.  Otherwise, get ready for a week of “You look well!”  The only thing we don’t like about Dr. Haushka’s Toned Day Cream is the name – not terribly alluring? – we think it should be called Lumiere d’Ete or Ultra-Radiance or something…or even Glow Getter.

Seriously, this rather dense, glossy tinted moisturiser is the best thing since that holiday in Sardinia – mix it with a little moisturiser or apply alone and your stressed, didn’t-sleep-very-well skin will look dewy, uber-healthy and totally transformed.

Definitely a desert island beauty product (order in bulk before jetting off) and well worth a mini splurge. Plus, you’ll look like you just got back from holiday even though your holiday was in May. And it lasts for ages.

Dr Haushka Toned Day Cream 


  1. The Thinking-About-Switching Skincare Set

Ahh Pukka. We love their supplements and we love their skincare! As bikini season gives way to boot season, if your skincare has been under-performing lately it might be time to switch?  We wish more brands did “try-me” sizes because unless you’re a beauty editor or have a Beckham-sized bank account, trial and error skincare mistakes can get costly. And frustrating.

Pukka’s Five Steps to Radiance set is a lovely, balancing mini set to help fend off dull skin and prolong your summer glow, particularly ‘in between seasons’ – like now,  when the changing weather can trigger changes to your skin.

Pukka’s Five Steps to Radiance Organic Skincare Collection features 5 x 10ml sizes (Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Day Cream, Night Cream) and a 2ml Firming Face Oil.

pukka set

  1. The “Holiday in Hawaii” Hair Conditioner

Do rainy autumn days make your hair misbehave? Try this gardenia extract, soy protein and light oil Hawaiian Conditioner by Alba Botanica. Formulated to smoothe and calm down frizz,  it doesn’t contain silicones which can clog or flatten hair – and there are no artificial colours, parabens, phlthalates, SLS, sodium myreth sulfate, either.  Your all day frizz control, sorted.

Alba Botanica Natural Hawaiian Conditioner – “So Smooth Gardenia”

alba botanica


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