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September is ‘going organic’ …and so are we! So to kick off Organic September in support of the Soil Association’s fantastic initiative Pinks Boutique have a special gift with purchase, exclusively for Beauty Shortlist readers, and there’s also 20% OFF site-wide until the end of September, too.

Purchase one of their heavenly soy and essential oil eco body wax candles (RRP £36) before 30th September and you’ll get a Rose Crystal Bath Soak worth £18, FREE.  You’ll find this exclusive special gift-with-purchase code at the bottom of this post.

“A good way to genuinely find out if a product is organic is to look for the Soil Association symbol” –  Kirstie Sherriff, Pinks Boutique

Authentic organic beauty brands, such as Pinks Boutique, are certified by the Soil Association, the UK’s leading organic certification body, which recently highlighted  the problem of mislabelled and misleading products on the market claiming to be ‘organic’, ‘biological’ or ‘natural’ – aka the dreaded ‘greenwashing’. We are completely and utterly against greenwashing at The Beauty Shortlist.  It’s naughty and it misleads consumers who believe they’re buying pure or healthy ingredients because of claims on the label. Our mantra has always been and always will be “read-the-label”. It’s the only way you really know what’s in that tube or pot you’re paying for, if you want your products to be really “green”.


If you’re on an organic beauty “learning curve” then it’s worth watching this really informative video by Pinks’ founder Kirstie Sherriff, “Organic Laid Bare” here where she clearly explains what organic is, what the regulations are and what’s going on in the beauty industry – “it’s complicated!”  For example, did you know water cannot be “organic”? It’s not grown, so it can’t be labelled organic even if it’s 100% natural.  Himalayan Salts which have amazing health and beauty benefits are in the same boat – yes, natural, but they can’t officially be labelled “organic”.  The water issue also explains why you find so many organic beauty oils around – they’re “easier” to certify as organic, because when a product, say a hydrating day moisturiser, contains water, the rules change…

Throughout September, Pinks Boutique is hosting an Organic Beauty Festival in partnership with spas and salons up and down the country. The Scarlet in Cornwall, Eastthorpe Hall, Dart Marina and The Potting Shed are just a few of the high profile names in the world of spa on board –  the plan is to educate, enlighten and inform customers how to shop for ‘green’ beauty and what organic really means.

Organic health and beauty products are free from the vast array of synthetically-created chemical ingredients such as mineral oils and paraffinum known to clog the skin’s pores and interfere with the skin’s ability to eliminate toxins. These chemical-containing formulas may make skin feel smoother and protected but technically they’re suffocating cells in a sense.

“There can be a world of difference between a beauty product that has been certified and one that is merely described as ‘organic’ on the label”

As Kirstie points out, “Demand for organic beauty products is on the increase, but there can be a world of difference between a beauty product that has been certified and one that is merely described as ‘organic’ on the label. To ensure a product is guaranteed organic, look for the Soil Association symbol on the product before you buy to ensure that what’s in the pot contains pure, natural, organic ingredients grown without the use of pesticides.”

To claim your free Rose Bath Soak, simply click HERE to choose your preferred candle scent from Orange & Clove, Jasmine & Ylang Ylang or Grapefruit and Ginger and remember to enter code BeautySL721 at checkout.

…and don’t forget to join in the Soil Association’s ORGANIC SEPTEMBER conversation using the hashtag #Organicbeauty and #smallchanges on Twitter!




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