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Dr Joe Oliver – aka “The Smile Doctor” and one of London’s leading cosmetic dentists –  has launched an interesting 6-piece capsule collection of smile-enhancing products. You may have seen his treatments on GM-TV, This Morning and Ten Years Younger and despite the brand name “White Smile”, this six piece smile-enhancing set goes way beyond making just your pearly whites whiter…

First up is his Upper Lip Treatment (£30, second from right in the pic). Lightly apply a small amount of this cream to the upper lip area – ideally morning and night after cleansing, and it promises to inhibit the overproduction of upper lip hair thanks to the enzyme Subtilisin (for the scientific bit, see the website).  It also has Vitamin E and a built-in SPF15, making this an upper lip-plumping fine line smoother which helps upper lip hair growth in check (obviously not a problem for all of us but…)

Whitening Wands

The rest of the range includes a Lip Plumping Balm, Whitening Toothpaste, Mouth Cleanser and Gum Serum but it was the oh-so-easy-to-use Whitening Wands (below) that caught our eye. So we tested them. Ridiculously simple to use, with no horrible taste of after-taste, these two wands last for about two weeks – a complete treatment.

You just twist the end of the wand and the whitening gel coats a little brush at the end, then just brush the gel on to your teeth after cleaning in the morning and evening.  Dr White recommends brushing your teeth for at least two minutes before application – simply leave the gel on for 30 mins each time (you don’t have to wash it off).  Super slim, the handbag-friendly wands contain a special hydrogen peroxide formula which is designed to work specifically on natural teeth (the formula will not whiten or brighten porcelain veneers or crowns by the way).

The Dr Oliver system takes a 3-pronged approach to a whiter smile which is based around 1)  healthier gums 2) whiter teeth and 3) a plumper, hair-free upper lip area as well as plumper lips.

Our verdict? If you’ve ever fiddled around with trays and lights and unpleasant tasting teeth whitening gels, Dr Oliver’s Whitening Wands are a breath of fresh air to use.

Whitening Wands

Dr Oliver White Smile Whitening Wands £45 for a 2-wand pack (lasts 2 weeks)

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