LE SOFT PERFUME at Cult Beauty


The handbag e-scent-ials of the season (as Cult Beauty calls them), these new solid fragrances with a shea butter twist have just blown in from France.

Isabelle Masson Mandonnaud, co-founder of Sephora, has teamed up with Philippe Vignon (who spent 20 years at L’Oreal) to create Le Soft Perfume, a range of sensitive skin-friendly, moisturising solid scents which look good on the outside and also happen to be small and perfectly handbag-formed.

We’re guessing here, because we haven’t tried this one yet, but Lucky Bay (above) could work as a his/hers scent for summer? Main notes are Tangerine, Neroli and Sandalwood.


Or how about Copacabana, which deserves some kind of design award for the packaging? (Scent notes: “Top notes of Pink Peppercorn, Petit Grain and Bergamot make way for the sweet, floral notes of Jasmine, Violet and Orange Blossom that envelope you with a warm, soothing sensuousness”)

Oui think these might be the handbag e-scent-ials of the season.

£19 each, available exclusively at Cult Beauty. Check out the rest of the scents here

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