ANCIENNE AMBIANCE Goddess Argan Hand and Body Wash


Beloved by everyone from the Saudi royal family to Vogue, Ancienne Ambiance is a brand to know about if you love Argan products and scented bath, body and candle treats. Beauty and lifestyle journalist Samantha Hadadi test-drove the two latest products in the range – the Goddess Argan Hand and Body Wash and their Argan-infused soaps. Here’s what she has to say…

This London-based company specialises in exquisite fine fragrances, inspired by ancient times. And with paraben-free and organic ingredients, the products are every bit as good for you as they sound.

Ancienne Ambiance’s incredible Goddess Body Oil was a finalist in this year’s Beauty Shortlist awards and now the brand has launched two new products– their Goddess Argan Hand and Body Wash, and the Goddess Argan Soap.

The body wash in particular has become a firm favourite in my bathroom cabinet. Enriched with Goddess Argan Oil, it is bursting with vitamin E and natural anti-antioxidants, which help to leave skin squeaky clean and super soft.

Argan oil can help to strengthen skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of stretch marks, as well as helping to prevent peeling or cracking. Since it locks in moisture so well, it is an ideal after-sun treatment.

After using this, my skin looked fresh, glowing and youthful – and that was after spending an afternoon in the sun. The delicious notes of vanilla and coconut also left my skin smelling good enough to eat, but in a really subtle way.

You can use the Argan soap on both the face and the body, making it the perfect easy-to-pack treat to take away on holiday. Made from a natural vegetable oil base using coconut oil, and enhanced with Shea Butter, it provides extra vitamins for moisturising the skin and I found it lathered up beautifully.

Ancienne Ambiance’s Goddess Hand and Body Wash was one of the good things in Latest In Beauty’s Editor’s Faves Box, which has now sold out but you can buy the extra large 500ml size for £28 HERE


Goddess Argan Soap Bar Set award

Award winners! Set of 3 Goddess Argan Soaps £16


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