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Feel OK is OK. Feel great is better.  Does the word “bikini” set off alarm bells? As sun lounger season is not (that) far off, and this time next month we’ll be celebrating the longest day of the year (yikes! where have the months gone??) this week is definitely feeling like  the right week to kick things off on a super healthy note with Organic Burst.

If you haven’t met them yet, there are 5 members of the OB family, each designed to tackle and provide extra support for different health issues.

Left to Right, below, you have: Baobab, for Immunity & Digestion – Maca, for Endurance & Energy – Wheatgrass, for Detoxing and Cleansing (and alkalising – more on that below!) – Spirulina, to Nourish Body & Mind – and Acai, with Anti-Aging and Recovery benefits.

Organic Burst Group Show (1)

So if you feel you could do with a bit of a boost this month but aren’t sure which one or two to try first, here’s a mini guide to which supplement works for what…


“These beach and bikini fashion spreads are making me nervous!  I need to get slimmer for summer”

Acai and Wheatgrass

“My name is (             ) and I’m sleep-deprived, stressed and over-stretched”

Maca, Spirulina, Baobab

“Help, I’ve been catching every bug making the rounds”

Wheatgrass, Baobab

“Green veg and I just don’t get along”

Spirulina, Acai

“Now the weather’s (finally) warming up, I’m going to do that January detox” 

Wheatgrass, Acai

“What’s in my fridge?” (Erm, cheese, chocolate and wine)

Baobab, Spirulina

Low mood, low energy, low battery = longest winter in history

Maca, Wheatgrass, Spirulina

I’m totally sold on the Wheatgrass and Spirulina at the moment, I took both of these when I quit chocolate “cold turkey” on New Year’s Eve, five months ago.  I’m convinced they helped stave off cravings especially during the first difficult week, because they’re so nutrient-rich (spirulina contains all essential amino acids and is protein-rich, too). When your body is balanced and properly nourished, sugar can feel way out of whack.

I won’t go into all the benefits here but a big one is that my usual 3-4pm energy drain/slump is a thing of the past and I need about 2 hours less sleep a night. The really bizarre part is that the chocolate cravings just don’t come back, it’s not like I have to try to avoid it every day, I still love the taste of it but unless it appears in my life I don’t go looking for it.

On that note, I’ll leave you with this. There’s a really good interview here on beauty expert Galina Atchkasova-Portianoi’s blog with Ekaterina, co-founder of Organic Burst if you want to find out more.  www.galinka.co.uk/q-a-with-ekaterina-igumentseva-founder-of-organic-burst/

If you try or have tried Organic Burst already, please let me know how you get on.  The supplements start at £5.99 and ORGANIC BURST IS AVAILABLE AT WHOLE FOODS, OCADO, NUTRI CENTRE, ABEL & COLE, FEEL UNIQUE, AMAZON, LOVE LULA, NATURISIMO AND OTHER STOCKISTS – LISTINGS HERE

As seen in Vogue, Health & Fitness, Surfgirl, Spa Secrets, Women’s Own, Running mag, Top Sante, and more.


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