The sun’ll come out tomorrow (erm, not sure, but when it does, this could be your natural SPF duo sorted).

Melvita’s on a roll right now, with new launches coming fast and furious and two that caught our eye are these High Protection PROSUN SPFs.  They also have a new Self-Tanning Gel Cream on the market which is DHA-free which is a good thing (no biscuity weird, man-repelling “I’ve just slathered myself in fake tan in the bathroom” scent).

But back to these two… They’re both 40ml/£20 each and both specifically designed for the face, thanks to a natural dry-oil formula with hydrating and anti-oxidant properties.

A quick look at the main moisturisers, and it’s nice to see them playing a leading role in these SPFs rather than second fiddle in a lot of other formulas :

Capuaçu Butter is an antioxidant to help protect against harmful sun rays and leave skin feeling silky smooth,  Buriti Oil helps give skin a healthy glow and velvety texture whilst helping to prevent sun damage, so it’s good for maintaining skins elasticity, flexibility and hydration and the Argan Oil in there is a nice skin nourisher.

The SPF 50 also contains organic Baobab oil to help soothe irritated skin -African Baobab is anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory and has softening properties that help restore the irritated, dry and dehydrated skin.

If you’re on the quest for the perfect natural SPF, this is the product du jour from our favourite French “bee” beauty brand.

Just add sun (or get the Self-Tanner too)


Footnote: Watch the digits in SPFs rise this and next year, and also watch for more sophisticated natural SPF formulas as well as some fantastic state of the art self-tanners which we predict will be hitting the market – some already have.  SPF10 is dead, long live SPF30. And please remember the sun is not your friend, particularly in hot climates, between 11.30am-ish and 3pm…rather like alcohol el sol is best “enjoyed responsibly”…

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