…aka THIS FAB FOUR FOR A FRIDAY! With spring in full bloom, you can almost…almost!…smell summer around the corner, so we asked four of our favourite Green Beauty Experts to share their look-and-feel-brilliant secrets for the longer, lighter days ahead.  

Top left, clockwise: Galina Achkasova-Portianoi of Galinka.co.uk,  Jenni Baden-Howard from Nonstopmama.com, Matt Chittock, editor of The Natural Beauty Yearbook, and Sadie MacLeod, founder of Hipandhealthy.co.uk

GALINA ACHKASOVA-PORTIANOI is a London based journalist who runs her own website “Galinka, a Curious Russian in London”,  spotlighting the products, brands and people who have a burning passion for what they do. Her knowledge of luxury beauty brands (often the “insider favourites”)  is amazing, so if you love high end niche brands then  www.galinka.co.uk  is a great place to hang out.

1.Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Miracle Cleanser & bamboo cloth: because it’s the most soothing, luxurious and effective cleanser that I have tried and it makes me feel like a princess.

2.REN Photoactive Sun Veil SPF 15: sun protection is more important than ever and this product delivers summer after summer for me.

3.Vapour Stratus Instant Skin Perfector: it is a moisturiser, primer and no-colour foundation all in one and it also adds a beautiful healthy glow to the skin. What more can a girl ask for?

4.Tata Harper Be Adored Tinted Lip Treatment: it softens, conditions & plumps the lips and it tastes delicious as well- an instant mood brightener. Always within my hand’s reach!

5.Evolve Heavenly Smooth Body Polish: this coconut shell scrub also nourishes the skin with Shea Butter. Beach body perfection, guaranteed.

* * *

Beauty journalist and www.Nonstopmama.com founder JENNI BADEN-HOWARD mixes things up on NonStopMama.  Result? A wham bam glam blog which blends “yummy mummy” with delicious beauty, fashion and lifestyle finds.

Her energy is amazing, she is amazing and if you like the look of her first pick, we should tell you that Balance Me’s Radiance Face Oil won Best Facial Oil in our 2013 Awards (it’s probably one of the best value concentrated facial treatments on the market right now and a great one to try if you’ve never ventured down the facial oil route before).

1. I’m borderline obsessive about Balance Me’s Radiance Face Oil, which I use morning and night. Smells gorgeous, makes skin look and feel better immediately (and, when applied at bedtime, even better in the morning).

2. Dr Haushka’s Rose Toned Day Cream, the tinted version of the ever-popular Rose Day Cream, is just gorgeous and, if I may be so bold, a ‘green’ beauty classic. Love, love, love.

3. For fun nails, without any funny stuff, I LOVE polishes by Zoya, Butter London and Little Bu and I can’t wait to try Priti NYC. Please don’t make me pick one! …

4. Must. Have. Sunscreen (desert island or school run). The Organic Pharmacy’s Cellular Protection Sun Screen comes in an SPF 25, 30 or 50. No chance of looking like a lobster in case of rescue by Jack Sparrow … (I know. I took that theme and ran with it).

5. Suti Fabulous Foot Balm does exactly what it says on the tub. And smells TOTALLY amazing. Sandpaper soles and craggy heels be gone, overnight! Seriously good stuff.



MATT CHITTOCK, editor of the (note the italics) definitive insider’s guide to the natural and organic beauty industry aka the Natural Beauty Yearbook  needs no introduction.  OK a quick one then. Matt is an all-things-natural guru and probably knows more (and more about) organic beauty and grooming brands than most of us.  If you don’t have a copy of the 2013 book, it’s worth getting your hands on one as it’s packed with brands, news, interviews and useful info about this fast-growing sector of the beauty industry.

1.Dr Hauschka Day Cream. Having a sleepless two-year-old means my skin takes a pounding both morning and night. Luckily this stuff means I come out looking the right side of Maggie Thatcher. Just.

2. And while I’m on the subject, Earth Friendly Baby’s Chamomile Bubble Bath definitely adds to my overall well-being since I know I’m not sloshing any chemical nasties on my daughter’s skin.

3. I re-discovered Ruby Red’s Reviving Body Cleanser at this year’s Natural & Organic Products Europe show. It’s an amazing cleanser which promotes that fresh morning feeling that’s oh-so-valuable when I’ve been up three times in the night (see above).

4. It’s hardly a secret, but Weleda’s Skin Food is an amaze cure-all for reinvigorating dull skin – it’s an especially handy reviver after a long flight. Or a long night (please see above ad nauseum).

5. And finally, Brylcreem hair wax is the king of barnet-related brilliance. Don’t mess around with the modern variants – just head straight for the original.


SADIE MACLEOD is editor of www.Hipandhealthy.co.uk “the online magazine that will inspire you to be the happiest and healthiest version of yourself, wherever you are in the world” (yes to that!) – this is one of our favourite feel good websites, it’s a blast of sunshine on a cloudy day.  (Totally agree with No. 3!)

1. Pai Camellia and Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser: I have noticed a visible difference in the tone an softness of my skin since using this product. It’s da bomb!

2. Apple Cider Vinegar: (organic of course). Use it on your face, in your cooking, on salads, in breads… I predict that it will be this years wonder-juice!

3. My Lululemon Visor: ok, maybe a bit retro of me but they are all the rage in health conscious California. Forget sun block, if you really want to protect your face from the sun a hat is where it’s at.

4.Avocados: I cannot imagine life without them. Fab for skin, health, hair and nails add them to anything. I like to cream up my green juice with them. They should be called AVOsCAnDO-anything!

5. Viridian Soul Food Greens: this potently green supplement will take any juice, green or otherwise up a notch. If your brave, you can mix with just water… But that’s for a whole different level of wellness warrior!

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