1. 50 is just a number, right? We’ve all seen 25 year olds who look 35, and 50 year olds who look 40.

2. Don’t stress about turning 40, 50 or 60, we should feel lucky to reach those mileposts. Many (many) people don’t.

3. Joy is a great anti-ager.

4. Beauty comes in many shades, ages and sizes.

5. By all means Botox yourself to the hilt if you feel better for it – I’m personally neither pro- nor anti-Botox but there will always be someone younger/older, more gorgeous/less attractive, richer/poorer than you/me/us.

6. Be a giver of free gifts. Give someone hope, encouragement and listen to him/her. Costs nothing and priceless.

7. Everybody’s life story is different #pleasedonotjudge

8. Joy is a great anti-ager and so is someone who loves you unconditionally. He/she could be 7 months old and cute as a button or 77 and has shared half your life. That is something.

9. Nurture yourself first, so you can nurture others – aka “Put your oxygen mask on first, then attend to everyone else”.

10. Count the positives, discount the negatives, there are positives and negatives everywhere, it’s up to us to filter out the crap.

11. Media-style beauty is fleeting (and Photoshopped), real beauty is imperfectly perfect.

12. The only people who are ugly are those who are ugly inside.

13. Be wonder-ful.  See the wonder in the world, children are experts at this!  “More wonder, less worry”

14. Surround yourself with people who let you BE (you) and love you for how and who you are.

15. If someone makes you feel bad, show them the door and lock it behind them.

16. If you think a spot has ruined your day/date, try swapping places with someone who’s having chemo. #RealityCheck

17. Don’t judge.  That’s a money earner for people who wear wigs in law courts. A judgmental, critical mind is not a beautiful one.

18. Don’t miss today by focusing on yesterday (or tomorrow). Just breathe. Live-each-day.

19. LOVE YOURSELF LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT (and buy the book by Kamal Ravikant)

20. LOVE. Is all there is.





15 responses to “20 THOUGHTS ON BEAUTY, LOVE AND LIFE”

  1. HonestMum says:

    Yes, yes, yes. I hope everyone reads this to their daughters and sons to pass onto the women of this world-the next generation. Simply beautiful, honest and true. Thanks for sharing x

  2. Jan Shankar says:

    Love this article – full of wisdom and humour about what really matters in life!

  3. Lovely. So funny i was just chatting earlier today about being sick of companies want to fix my “flaws”. Went to beautician who was basically trying to make me feel bad about myself to buy treatments – was so unimpressed but also glad i’m older and can laugh it off whereas once I’d have been so upset.

  4. Ziba says:

    Who compiled these thoughts? It’s fabulous =)

    • Beauty Shortlist says:

      Thank you 🙂 They all just sort of flowed out while sipping a cup of coffee on that sunny morning and in no particular order… x

  5. Jacqui says:

    Enjoyed reading this. We all have so much love to give but often forget to love and nurture oneself. Jx

  6. marisa says:

    I love this quote because I’ve always steered away from perfectionism. It doesn’t suit my creative spontaneous self. 🙂

  7. Beauty Shortlist says:

    Thanks Kate, yes nothing like a good de-clutter (not just things but people, sometimes!) You are so right about the Big Picture. I no longer watch the news (much) as it fills my head with things I can’t solve and I don’t want the world’s tragedies blasted into my flat – or my head – on a continuous loop, but when you watch it, or you travel, you realise how lucky you are compared to so many.
    Just turning a tap on and having drinking water come out of it (instead of having to walk miles to find it)…and while we experiment with dozens of diets, others have no food… Thanks so much for your comment, Kate! x

  8. Kate says:

    Thank you. This is lovely! What a fabulous post. Number 10, 13 and 14 my favourites and yes 16 so true – I think most of us have been there at some point (ouch!)

    This may sound morbid but I always think that we’re here for such a short time that we may as well make the most of it – both for ourselves and others + attempt to put a smile on people’s faces, whatever happens to us along the way – be it good bad happy + sad. I think of the Big Picture (ie people REALLY suffering) and it keeps me (relatively!) sane – also makes stressing about crows feet + cellulite seem really shallow.

    PS … I had a good clear-out of unpleasant people in my life about 10 years ago and have never looked back 🙂

  9. Kamal says:


    • Beauty Shortlist says:

      Thank you Kamal. Your book “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It” is beautiful. There’s a review coming soon. x

  10. Tammy says:

    Love this so much! Thank you!

    • Beauty Shortlist says:

      Oh, thank you! It was a stream of consciousness post that sort of came to me as I was having my coffee this morning.
      I think no. 21 might be “Be Thankful For What You’ve Got” – great song covered by Massive Attack and pretty much my mantra these days.
      I’m so happy you liked it. Feel free to add any of yours! xx