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Glam, green, objective, honest, enlightening, passionate about beauty/grooming and always a good read, these five fab bloggers are the real deal. They’ve each chosen 5 beauty picks for summer (which we’re hoping will be a scorcher to make up for the badly behaved British weather so far). Let’s hope it arrives pronto.


Few bloggers know their skincare as deeply as Danny Stokes – his blog is a goldmine of gorgeous – as in high end natural/organic products which have been tried and tested. Read Danny’s “About” page to find out more…

My favourite product of all time is the Vaishaly Day Moisturiser SPF15 dry/sensitive. Out of all the products I’ve ever used this is the one that has had the most dramatic wow effect on my skin. This lightweight moisturiser contains 80% organic ingredients as well as zinc oxide which goes on clear and doesn’t make you look like a Elizabethan. Often products containing SPFs have to be applied after moisturising but this can be done all in one step with this product. This can be used around the eye area and it has the most phenomenal exquisite scent that relaxes me and sets me up for the day. It’s packed full of anti ageing ingredients that makes my skin flawless. This is perfection bottled!

The other favourite product the Vaishaly Cleansing Balm I’m currently using is….Vaishaly’s Cleansing Balm, which is like having a facial at home. This cleansing balm emulsifies with water and can easily be washed off without the need for a muslin cloth. Skin feels like silk and beautifully soft after using this and I love performing Vaishaly’s massage technique’s (instructions included) that gives an instant lift to the skin. The fragrance of this cleanser is absolutely euphoric and helps me to relax and unwind at the end of an evening. I love the beautiful glowing results this cleanser gives me like no other gives. There’s nothing I’ve ever used that takes the day off like the Vaishaly Cleansing Balm.


Beautiful in every sense of the word, we love Gemma Bolton’s blog for its fresh new beauty and wellbeing reviews.  If you or your body needs a pre-summer MOT, this is a blog to get into! 

Organic Burst’s Baobab! I’ve told so many people about this wonder product and I’ll keep on going! I love how it makes you feel energetic and how it keeps the body healthy and balanced. I also love that you can SEE a physical difference as quickly as you feel it. It’s tasty, Soil Association approved and – amazingly – super affordable.

Mixing it up between natural products and the big makeup brands like Bobbi Brown, Sandra Robinson’s blog is full to the brim with beauty finds including the new green beauty box we also love by SoukSouk

Easy one! My favourite product is Bodhi Mint Thé Refreshing Bath & Shower Therapy. It’s a product I will always have. A great product for coming into Spring/Summer as it is refreshing, minty and zingy and I find it is a great wake up call in the morning! As it’s richly concentrated you only need the tiniest amount. Definitely one I’d pack for my summer hols – be so beautiful to use to refresh after a day’s sunbathing or sightseeing.

Editor’s note: Winner, Best Shower Gel 2013, Beauty Shortlist Awards



When is a blog a magazine or vice versa? When it’s Evolving Beauty. And we love it! Here’s Christina Caicedo green beauty pick

Melvita ProSun Gradual Self-Tanning Moisturising Gel-Cream: This is the only self-tanner I have ever used because it doesn’t smell or feel like most self-tanners! Plus, you don’t need gloves to put it on. Because it’s free of doggy biscuit-smelling DHA, it’s more like a sweet-smelling organic moisturiser with a natural-tanning boost that gives my skin an even bronzed hue. And what I also love is that you can use it on your face, too!

Ana Green popped up on the global cocktail party, Twitter and is a fellow REN fan. This is sounding like a summer beauty find, and we haven’t tried it yet – earmarked!

I am currently loving the REN Guerande Salt Body Balm. This is an amazing exfoliant, it has a lovely balm texture which can be used on wet or dry skin and it has a lovely minty fresh scent, perfect for refreshing dull dry skin especially as the weather is warming up! The lovely blend of salt and oils leaves my skin really smooth and ready for any other products that I choose to use.


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