BALMOLOGY®: Cleanse – Nourish – Comfort

Balmology nourish

The rise of beauty balms has been stratospheric to say the least recently, and a good green balm is an absolute keeper.

So say hello to Balmology!

Organic, luxurious, nourishing and ethically sourced, BALMOLOGY®’s core skincare philosophy is “simple-but-effective”. It’s all about feeding skin more of what it needs and none of what it doesn’t.

Water, fragrance, and filler-free, each balm in this lovely three balm capsule collection is blended from ethically sourced organic plant oils chosen to most effectively cleanse, nourish and care for skin.

Meet the trio:

Neroli & Sweet Basil Cleansing Balm – hot cloth cleanser addicts will love this one. This balm’s aromatic natural oils melt away all traces of dirt and make-up, gently and effectively decongesting skin without stripping natural oils, to reveal a more radiant, refined and balanced complexion. (It sounds mad and illogical but the “oil cleansing method” has sorted out a lot of problem skin issues, including breakouts – and to find out more, there’s a really good post by Andy at Pampered Prince HERE)

Neroli & Frankincense Beauty Balm – for when skin asks for a more intensive moisturiser and ideal for more mature skins, too; blended from highly penetrating nourishing oils, this formula helps improve facial skin texture and hydration, while rejuvenating vitamin and anti-oxidant rich oils keep skin more “elastic” and luminous.

Calendula & Chamomile Comfort Balm is the “comforter” of the Balmology trio. A calm-down blend of plant oils chosen for their anti-inflammatory, analgesic and skin tissue regeneration properties, this formula soothes irritated, itchy skin and can take on even those persistent, chapped, very dry patches that can be so hard to “shift”.

“We only use organically certified ingredients but are also concerned about how ethically those ingredients have arrived with us and therefore have a responsibility to ensure the highest standards are being met” – BALMOLOGY®

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