VICKI EDGSON’S Top 5 Health & Beauty Tips

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Top nutritionist Vicki Edgson is our go-to food guru so we’re delighted she has joined us for Green Beauty Week to share her Top 5 Beauty/Health “desert island” tips.  She’s also an authority on the 5:2 fasting plan as you will already know if you’ve been following her on Get The Gloss.

So as we start to think about prepping for beach season, now’s the ideal time for a spring/early summer “reboot and reboost” – whether that means making a few tweaks or one or two BIG changes which will pay off big time in the long run.

With bikini season “alarmingly close”, the best time to get healthier is yesterday. The second best time is today!

  • Inner-Soul Barefaced Beauty Natural Serum – My skin LOVES this and just draws in the serum, leaving glowing, dewy skin.
  • An avocado tree – I have always wanted to do a 5-day avocado and coconut water diet, to see what would happen to my skin – I LOVE avocados, and know that their Vitamin E and anti-oxidant content would protect my skin from the strong sun.
  • A huge tub of coconut oil – to eat, to run into my skin – both for nourishment inside and out, and so that I wouldn’t have to spend hours grating coconut flesh to press the oil out of it, but rather enjoy the coconut water and flesh from the coconuts I would eat and drink daily for alkaline hydration!
  • A kilo bag of Sun Warrior Supergreens Protein powder, for ensuring my ‘green’ nutrition, and compensating for the days I might not be successful in spearing a fish for supper!
  • My creative visualisations that I have written myself for my Vital Energy retreats in UK and Ibiza. I love leading my clients through a visualisation and watching their faces soften into a smile, as they let go of tension and stress.  I might need these for myself if I started getting anxious about NOT getting off the island!!!

PS: Her best-selling book Honestly Healthy (with Natasha Corrett) is one of the most delicious, and sanest, guides to healthy eating we’ve read in years.

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