CULT BEAUTY’s ALEXIA INGE: Her Top 5 Green Beauty Products right now

Alexia Inge Portrait headshot

Brand and beauty expert Alexia Inge, co-founder  of home to the world’s best beauty buys (and the place we spend many a lunch hour) reveals 5 of the top natural products she’s loving right now…

Good Genes Serum & Mask by Sunday Riley

This is the product on everyone’s lips at the moment, and for good reason. Put it on as a mask before you go to bed and you will wake up like you’ve been genetically modified to repel ageing.

RMS Beauty ‘Un’Cover Up Concealer

Natural make up can be hit or miss, but rarely is it THIS natural, or this effective. This is a high performance concealer that as an aside happens to be amazingly replenishing for your skin. I also like to use more natural products around my eyes because this is one of the swiftest ways into the blood stream.

Tammy Fender Antioxidant Crème Neroli & Orange

If you are a city dweller dealing with polluted environs, or someone who checks any of the naughty lifestyle boxes e.g. Smoker. This reinforces the skin’s protective functions so you take on the saintly glow of a teetotal health freak (with only the glint in the corner of your eye to give you away!)

9-Oil Cleanser by MV Organic Skincare

People talk about skin food, well this is a veritable banquet in a daily cleanser. Try using this for two weeks and I challenge anyone not to become addicted to the plump, clear happy skin this nurtures.

Recovery Mud Mask by Minus 417

I can safely say this is the most fun I’ve had with a face mask. You take this Dead See Mineral-rich mask off with a magnet (along with a load of impurities it has drawn out of our skin). So satisfying in every way!








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