JO MALONE LONDON: Ltd. Edition “Dipped Red Roses”

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300 limited edition “Dipped Red Roses” 100ml colognes are now at Selfridges

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Charlotte’s Corner at Selfridges

Jo Malone London’s Style Editor Charlotte Stockdale has turned up the wattage of the brand’s iconic fragrance Red Roses and given the classic cologne bottle a whole new look, launching 300 “neon” limited edition “Dipped Red Roses” at Selfridges.

The hero of the collection, and Charlotte’s favourite Jo Malone™ cologne, Red Roses, has been transformed into a collectable objet d’art. 300 limited edition bottles have been hand-painted in neon and individually numbered as part of the exclusive Charlotte’s Corner boutique collection (above).

If you want one but can’t get to Selfridges London or Selfridges Manchester Exchange, they’re also available online, £120/100ml.

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“I wanted to add a modern twist to the iconic packaging of Jo Malone London. I love neon, especially on a neutral background, so the classic cream and black set against shocking pink is a brilliant combination. It’s fashion graffiti. Playful, cool and alive,” says Stockdale.

Charlotte has also collaborated with Belfast-based designer Abigail*ryan textile designer to produce a capsule collection of accessories (again at Selfridges)  including cushions and “perfume pouches” – below.



30ml Cologne pouch £20

See the whole collection HERE

Available exclusively at Selfridges London and Selfridges Manchester Exchange as well as

Red Roses 100ml Cologne Dipped Bottle RRP £120.00

Red Roses Scented Sachet RRP £22.00

Red Roses Scented Scatter Cushion RRP £90.00

Red Roses 30ml Cologne Pouch RRP £20.00


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