Spring is behaving like that train home you soo need to catch on a Friday night. Seriously delayed and disappointing, and the more you will it to show up, the less likely it looks.

Luckily, spring has most definitely arrived at Escentual in the form of Dior Addict Eau Fraiche (formerly Dior Addict 2) which has “early summer” written all over it, thanks in part to pomegranate, which gives its subtle Freesia and White Lotus Flower EDT a very fresh “now” twist.

Dior Addict Eau Fraiche EDT from £30.60 at



Highly pigmented matte “pop” brights are hogging the SS13 headlines and strong lips can work really well – at any age. In fact ,the more “colour contrast” you create on your face (within reason!) the younger you tend to look (which is why very neutral shades tend to look better on 20 year old models). The older you get the more definition you need around the mouth (it’s also important to use a neutral lip pencil – but not brown! – to outline lips first to prevent any colour bleeding).

Red and orange mattes aside, you can’t beat a shimmering super-gloss for the summer months. Not only does lip gloss survive in a beach bag left in the sun or in the glove compartment of a hot Marbella car park, it’s easier to apply ‘mirror-free’ while in a horizontal position on the sun lounger.

Dior Addict Gloss, in 3 textures – The Shimmer, The Pure and The Pearly. See the multitude of shades (£18.70 each) HERE



Show off one of the new Dior-licious Vernis Sparkling Nail Colours over lunch at the Cafe de la Plage; there are four pretty pinks inspired by the gloss star shades, in  Spring Ball (shown), Princess, Diablotine and Délice. £15.30 each.

dior spring 2013 nail

Nothing like a billion grains of Cote d’Azur sand to ruin a manicure, so finish with Dior’s brand new Top Gel Coat for a longer lasting high shine gloss. The next best thing to a windscreen for nails. £15.30.

Or.. reveal the natural beauty of your nails with Dior’s new Nail Glow, a treatment nail varnish that makes pink pinker, and brightens nail tips for an instant French manicure look. Instant glam and tres St. Tropez.  £15.30 at


dior top gel coat

dior nail glow for spring


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