SUKI SKINCARE Advanced. Organic. Science.

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Here’s a cracker of a skincare brand to use an Irish expression – Suki.  A true “modern organic”, their tagline is “advanced.”, music to our ears.  We’ve picked out 3 favourites from the Suki stable, which focuses on skincare but they do a seriously good tinted moisturiser, too.  We didn’t have time to test the whole range before the Awards last week, but it’s looking like a contender for some of the skincare categories for 2014 already.

Suki Tinted Active Moisturiser: Winner,  BEST TINTED MOISTURISER, 2013 Beauty Shortlist Awards (tied with Jouer, runner-up was Laura Mercier)

Suki’s natural Tinted Active Moisturiser was quite a find last year in our quest for the perfect TM, thanks to Sharon at The Pure Emporia who suggested we try it. It’s light, luminous and quite sheer, it gives quite a good deal of coverage and you can layer it again if you need more of a “cover up” without it feeling too heavy.

If foundation makes your skin feel a bit claustrophobic, or you’re still playing with tinted moisturisers in search of “the one”, The Pure Emporia will send you up to 3 product samples FREE with orders of £5 or over.  The only downside is that Suki’s anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, natural TM comes in just two shades – Porcelain and Natural (“medium” as in Light/Medium/Dark) so as the brand expands, let’s hope the shades do, too.  Suitable for all skin types.

The Pure Emporia says: “A natural tinted active moisturiser to calm and soothe your skin. Boosts collagen synthesis, calms & soothes irritation & sensitive skin types, fights free radicals, relieves redness & inflammation, provides flawless , translucent coverage & creates a velvety smooth finish. Key actives salicylic acid standardized for 15% white willow, retinol polypeptide liposome (organic vegetables), alkaloids (organic comfrey) & high potency organic botanic concentrate (organic botanicals)”.

SUKI TINTED ACTIVE MOISTURISER sample in NaturalSuki Velvet Moisturising Cream I’ve developed a bit of a crush on their Velvet Moisturising Cream (pictured below – for hands/body, £27/120ml) which feels delicate enough to use on your face.  I’m still trying  the rest of the range but this cream is already a new favourite for spring.

Naturisimo says: “softens and soothes the skin, removes bumps and dryness and promotes whole body wellness without the dependence and side effects caused by toxic and questionable “natural” ingredients and is utterly different because it doesn’t feel sticky or greasy and doesn’t simply lay heavily on the skin. Luxurious light aroma blend of organic floral blossoms, vanilla, citrus, and woodsy dew. It can be used by those with chemical sensitivities. For all skin types.”

Last but not least, Suki’s award-winning deep cleansing organic Lemongrass and Natural Sugar Sukito-go Exfoliate Foaming Facial Cleanser is a bit of a beauty steal at £10.70 with a delicious ingredients line-up including seaweed, orange peel, rice flour and lavender. (For all skin types, except cystic acne or eczema & rosacea-prone skin).

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3 responses to “SUKI SKINCARE Advanced. Organic. Science.”

  1. Diana says:

    I have had this cleanser from my mom and it was awesome. Really interesting one and does a good job.

  2. Ciarra says:

    I keep reading about this product I can’t find it anywhere in Canada though. Do you know if they ship internationally?

    • Beauty Shortlist says:

      Not sure about Canada, but they may be able to help you if you email them via the US site and advise on any retailers near you? x