NCLA NAIL WRAPS at Cult Beauty

NCLA Nail wraps

There’s never a dull moment at Cult Beauty (or a dull product) which is just as well to be honest because this winter is lingering longer than the longest winter in history (it probably is officially).  But the days are getting longer by 2 minutes a day, and the clocks “spring forward” on 31 March in the UK and putting a positive spin on things (pass the Rioja) it’s soo much nicer not to have to commute home in the dark.

We checked with Cult Beauty and their “buy 3 NCLA Nail Wraps and get a limited edition set free” offer is still valid and if these fool-proof easy to apply wraps (we tried them – and they are) are calling your name, you’ll be in luck.  There are so many different designs the only hard part might be choosing “the one”.

NCLA Nail Wraps are £12.50 for a set, last for up to 2 weeks, and our favourites are the geometric black and white design combo of “It Don’t Matter…” (if you’re black or white) and  “Reflect Yourself“.  There’s a nude one, too, called Jenna’s Nude Moon, designed by Jenna Hipp, one of the top nail artists in Hollywood.

Easy to apply in under five minutes, with results that last for up to two weeks, just smooth over clean, prepped nails then file wraps to fit before sealing with a high gloss top coat, for added durability and sparkle.

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