Oui have been adoring Laggridore’s tres jolie powder perfume jewel cases from the moment “Spring” arrived at The  Beauty Shortlist (in an intriguing black and gold box).  What was in the rather regal velvet taffeta pouch? Out wafted a light-as-air whisper of perfume before we’d even opened the clasp…

Inside was the most perfectly imprinted perfume powder compact,  too beautiful to dip into (but we did).  “Spring” is one of Laggridore’s powder perfumes (there’s one for each season) and this green and white floral fragrance has “spring” written all over it.

No glittery particles, just a super-fine powder containing 31% perfume (which is remarkably high compared to liquid fragrances, so you can expect excellent staying power). Which also means the sofa won’t be covered in sparkles and the powder won’t leave a trace on your clothes.  Swipe the pressed powder with your finger or use the “houpette” that comes with it (we didn’t know what a “houpette” was but we do now – it’s a delicate round pressed mousse-sponge).

All that will linger on you, not your spring wardrobe, is the scent of “Spring”, conjuring up images of elegant bridges in Paris under a blue March sky…a clandestine bottle of wine shared in a small bistrot…chocolat confections in white boxes with the patissier’s swirling signature signed in gold…Gregory Fitoussi in Mr. Selfridge.

Laggridore have created four perfumed compacts: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and each one is a poetic celebration of the season it captures:

‘Spring’ is a gentle, fresh, floral green. A delightful combination of green tea and white lilies,  a fresh breeze leaving a lingering trail
of jonquils and nutmeg.

‘Summer’ is a sensuous score of fruits and floral notes. Fresh pineapples and apricots are enriched with rosewood and lily-of-the-valley, then matched with sensual sandalwood and ambergris.

‘Autumn’ is a woody, spicy fragrance that is all contrasts. Languorous labdanum and sandalwood and sensual patchouli linger like twilight mist that is not easily forgotten.

‘Winter’ is a Chypre in its sensuousness and its strength. A subtle mixture of exotic flowers and spices. It combines the strength of Egyptian jasmine, the softness of May rose and the perpetual mystery of oakmoss and wormwood.

Spring and Summer are €85 each from Laggridore.com Paris, and Autumn and Winter will follow later this year.

laggridore face“Summer”

laggridore group shot

Notes: No phthalates or nitro and polycyclic musks, no preservatives or parabens. The powder perfumes are alcohol-free and will last for a year and the metal cases are gilded in a deep, rich 24 carat gold. 


  1. Beverley says:

    Love your blog! I subscribed to your email too. Great products.

  2. Ashleigh says:

    Hi! This is my first visit to your blog – and what a great! These look gorgeous, and I imagine there’s a big advantage to those wanting to take perfume in their hand luggage when they fly! Think I’m going to have to spoil myself.