visionary soap company

OK here’s something we didn’t know.  The Visionary Soap Company’s soaps contain on average 60% Fairtrade ingredients:  body butters 99 to 100%; lip balms  34%;  body oils 19% and their Gardener’s Hand Salve has 34%.

Why is this significant? Because the minimum set requirement is apparently just 2% for a wash off and 5% for a leave on product, putting the Visionary Soap Company stratospheres in front of a lot of other Fairtrade beauty brands.

VSC uses ingredients from producers in Palestine, India, Ghana, Nicaragua, The Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and South Africa and we tried the Lavender & Geranium Bath and Body Oil £9.25/100 and it’s quite lovely! Light and easily absorbed, we’d probably use it just as body oil to make it last longer.  Their Peppermint Lip Balm £3.45 is good, too, and with more time in the garden coming up with spring on the way, you might also like their Rosemary & Lavender Gardener’s Hand Salve £6.85/60ml.

The Hand Salve contains Fairtrade certified olive oil from Palestine, Fairtrade Shea Butter from Ghana and Lavender Essential Oil and WFTO certified Rosemary Essential Oil from Madagascar – a very international line-up when you’re pottering around your vegetable patch in Totnes.

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