ORGANIC BURST Wheatgrass Powder

Organic-burst beauty shortlistI had a wheatgrass smoothie 10 years ago in LA and swore never again. I even persevered with a few other brands but still could not stand the stuff so wheatgrass got crossed off my supplements list…until now.

Persuaded by Sam and Teresa at I Am Into This I gave Organic Burst’s 100% organic Wheatgrass a test-run last month and although there’s no way I’d sip this “straight”, it is the most palatable wheatgrass I’ve tried.

Wheatgrass, despite its name, is gluten-free. It’s full of detoxifying chlorophyll, helps alkalise the body (we tend to be too acidic which is not good for our health) and it can help boost energy and strengthens the immune system.

I’ve been taking a teaspoon of it in smoothies on most weekday mornings. You could also sprinkle it on a salad but even though this one tastes better than other brands I’ve tried, I’d still rather mask it in a whizz of banana, yoghurt and orange juice first thing in the morning.

If you hate wheatgrass but wish you didn’t, this one might be worth a try.



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One response to “ORGANIC BURST Wheatgrass Powder”

  1. I take my wheatgrass every day in my morning smoothie. Try this out:


    1 x Banana chopped into pieces
    1 x table spoon plain yogurt
    1/2 soft avocado
    1 x helping of wheatgrass powder
    1/3 liter almond milk or soya milk
    Optional – Ice as desired

    Place ingredients into a blender and blend for 30 – 60 seconds. It’s a cinch to make and is a delicious and healthy start to the day!

    Give it a go.

    – J