HEDGEROW BEAUTY Daily Cleansing Balm


It’s green, organic and inspired by Britain’s hedgerows – and Hedgerow Beauty starts at just under £10 making it affordable too.

We tried the Daily Cleansing Balm and liked it –  so if you’re an organic beauty fan then this clean, green brand is worth a look.

What’s in it? Wild Pansy extract, Beeswax, calming Chickweed and Calendula and Crambe Seed Oil (which is anti-inflammatory and high in skin-nourishing Omega 9). Helps reduce the size of pores and suitable for all skin types.  (If you haven’t come across Crambe Seed Oil before, you can read up on it here at Beingcontent.com )

How to use: Apply to damp skin then wipe off with a damp face cloth.

Ingredients: Sunflower oil, extracts of wild pansy, Coconut oil, extracts of Calendula, Crambe seed oil, Beeswax, extracts of Chickweed, essential oils.  100% certified organic ingredients.


Hedgerow Beauty Daily Cleansing Balm £16.90/60ml




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