PUR MINERALS 4-in-1 Compact

pur minerals

American brand Pür Minerals has arrived in the UK – and guess where? It’s part of the M&S beauty stable (if you haven’t been to one of their new Your Beauty zones, prepare to be pleasantly surprised – it’s a mix of handpicked quite “niche” beauty brands and M&S’s own label products). Another nice surprise is that this 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Powder Compact £24 comes in 10 shades.

So. Can a pressed powder compact be four things? Hmm. OK, open mind…

First, the texture. It’s beautifully non-messy (in fact the powder to the left of the compact in the photo is deceiving because it’s a super-clean, fine, very compactly pressed powder that doesn’t “blow all over the place”).

The coverage is excellent, without looking “cakey” and the fine particles help even out imperfections or variations in skin tone.  What you’re getting is essentially an SPF15 + Concealer + Foundation +Powder, all-in-one, and we liked the really lightweight feel – very no-fuss, no-mess and easy to apply (we used a Pür Minerals chisel brush). The fact that there’s no talc, alcohol, fragrance or preservatives in it is good, and the mineral powder is bound with Vitamin E and organic shea butter – extra points.

At £24 it is expensive – or not that expensive – depending on the price of the brand you might normally use, but all in all this compact is worth a look.  It’s not available at all M&S stores as far as we know, but if you see it at one of the Your Beauty zones, and there’s a tester, this is one you might want to try.  We liked it.

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  1. I’ve read lots of good reviews about this product. I have used BareMinerals in the passed but I’m tempted to try this now 🙂 x