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Fashion and beauty journalist Grace Timothy (above) writes The Pregnant Beauty Guide which happens to be one of our latest finds and one we had to share with you because if you’re a new mum – or about to be! – you’ll want to be following this one.

Which skincare ingredients are out of bounds when you’re pregnant? How do you get your baby to sleep? What’s “the nappy rash solution”? And how do you manage a skincare/makeup routine when quite honestly you feel sick as a dog?

Grace’s daughter Noémie Rae was born in September and The Pregnant Beauty Guide blog was born shortly afterwards, too.

My Top 5 Beauty Products For Coping With Your Pregnancy

1. Jo Loves Pomelo – Citrus notes were all I could bear while I was nauseous. This is so clean and fresh, I found it not only made me feel better but it made it more bearable for other people to be around me while I refused to wear deodorant….

2. Cover FX Mineral Powder – Cover FX makes covering redness seem easy – one swipe of this on a foundation brush and my pregnant ‘glow’ (eczema) was subdued.

3. Clinique Chubby Sticks – These genuinely soften up the driest of lips and add a bit of colour when you’re feeling washed out and wan. A sickly-sweet lip gloss which your hair gets stuck to is the last thing you want when you’re hanging over the loo. Again.

4. REN Skincare ClearCalm 3 Replenishing Serum – This is an amazing spot-zapper without any of the potentially harmful ingredients most acne treatments contain that aren’t recommended for use during pregnancy. It tackles spots and excess oil without stripping the skin or exacerbating resulting redness. I also found the smell really soothing,

5. Aromatherapy Associates Renew Rose Body Wash – I usually use a lot of essential oils on my body and around the home, so I was bereft when I was told to avoid them all during the first trimester. As soon as week 13 hit, I jumped in the shower with this body wash – rose is a fabulous feel-good oil for pregnant women.

Grace Timothy, a freelance writer with a background in fashion and beauty, has contributed to a variety of titles in the UK and US, including Vogue,,, Red, Company, Tank, Zest, Brides and Most recently, Grace was’s London reporter during London Fashion Week and Acting Beauty Editor of Glamour and is now writing   Twitter: @BabyMamaBeauty 

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