shiffa-blogShiffa means “to heal” in Arabic and in two English words, we were  “blown away” by Shiffa when we tested it recently.  So far we’ve tried three products since last year – the Healing Balm, the Soothe Rejuvenating Eye Remedy and the Aromatic Facial Cleanser and if you believe you get what you pay for, this brand really is “high end organic”. In fact Shiffa is now the Middle East’s best-selling skincare range, far surpassing brands like La Prairie at Sephora.

It’s also worth noting that Dr. Lamees, who went to the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, uses an unusually high concentration of essential oils in her body oils – up to 10% which is unusual and her range is available in store and online at as well as at and  

The Aromatic Facial Cleanser £45/200ml is a dream to use (simply cleanse the face and neck using circular movements, remove with cotton wool or rinse with warm water, and it can be used day & night ) and contains:

Geranium –  to balance all skin conditions.
Lavender –  heals and repairs.
Chamomile – important for soothing and calming the skin.
Tea Tree –  anti-bacterial to keep skin clean and blemish free.

Meanwhile, the Soothe Rejuvenating Eye Remedy goes a few extra miles beyond many of the targeted eye area moisturisers around. There’s spirulina, curative seaweed (look out for seaweed this year, appearing in more and more formulas), aloe, extra virgin olive oil, lavender and green tea in the formula and it’s refreshingly light, emollient and easily-absorbed. Even better, it doesn’t wreck mascara on lower lashes, de-puffs and helps tackle those “meerkat” dark circles.

This is an “investment brand” and if you’re already using a high end range but thinking of switching for some reason, this is one to take a good look at.  Shiffa’s exclusive retail partner is and you can also buy online at and 

Want to find out more? Shiffa’s founder Dr. Lamees spoke to Zuneta about her range, WATCH HERE

For sheer indulgence, Shiffa’s 1001 Roses Luxury Milk Bath is available exclusively at

Mr. Selfridge would approve.

“As a female entrepreneur in an environment dominated by men, it was a tough start for Lamees. But with hard work and unfaltering determination came success. Lamees went on to be awarded Best Business Leader and Best Health and Welfare Organization by the Sheikh Muhammad Establishment. We love a woman who can show the boys how it’s done!” – ZUNETA

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  1. joe jacobss says:

    nice products, and your passion says alot that we have not seen in this industry for a while. to be good at what you do, you must love it and it plain to see.