ORTIGIA GERANIUMWe don’t have a Best Packaging category in the 2013 Beauty Shortlist Awards…maybe we should?  Ortigia would be an odds-on favourite.

Ortigia is a little island connected by three bridges to the mainland, Sicily, and what better flagship for Italian design than the whole Ortigia range? It’s like a Pantone panettone of delicious shades, from sky blue to pistachio green and mango.  Their Pomegranate and Lavender bath products, a deep pink-red and full-on royal purple look stunning in an all-white bathroom (this is a good brand for gifts, as they start at around £10 and the hand cream and soap packaging – all of it – is equally gorgeous).

Ortigia’s mint scented Geranium extract is taken from the leaves of Pelargonium tomentosa, that pink terracotta pot favourite which grows wild throughout Sicily. There’s an Ortigia shop in Sloane Square and Marylebone High Street and if you’re nearby and have never been in, allow extra time. You may have to be escorted out.

ORTIGIA GERANIUM BATH OIL is £28 at HEALS  Check out the 10ml perfume oils £10 each in Sicilian Lime and Orange Blossom

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