REN – Citrus Limonum Prebiotic Hand Cream

ren_citrus_probiotic-handwash-475x475Oh delicious REN Sicilian lemon-smelling hand cream, I like you. I really do. I found you before Christmas and you’ve earned a permanent place in the kitchen.

Maybe it’s your clean, snow-white, light-fluffy-but-solid consistency. Maybe it’s because you remind me of sunnier days on Italian islands when the UK sky outside is a dark, flat grey. You’re the hand cream version of a lemon sorbet; not greasy – just hydrating. But I think it’s what’s inside you that I like most – your Lemon Peel and Blackcurrant Oils and your Shea Butter – and your hefty 300ml for £17, less than £3 per 50ml.

You’re good for all skin types. You’re a keeper. REN Citrus Limonum Prebiotic Hand Cream £17/300ml

REN says: A light, fresh and easily absorbed hand cream formulated with Sicilian Lemon Oil and prebiotic oligosaccharides to protect the hands and nails against bacteria while keeping hands hydrated and nourished.

We say: One of the best hand creams we’ve tried – ever – so delicious and utterly non-greasy, we just wanted to scoop it out of the bottle and use it as a body moisturiser! Men might like this one, too. With Bergamot Leaf Extract, Lemon Peel Oil, Blackcurrant Seed Oil. 10/10. (Would love to see it in a tube, too, for the bag/travel/work!)

Contains: Oligosaccharides to protect and soothe – Antileukine from ochroleuca seaweed helps to reduce irritation – Omega 3 and glycerides from arctic blackcurrant and shea butter nourish the skin and help to repair dry and chapped hands.

Also at John Lewis and – breaking news! – just in M&S but selected stores only (e.g. Marble Arch, London W1)


4 responses to “REN – Citrus Limonum Prebiotic Hand Cream”

  1. Anastasia says:

    I just purchased this online without realising how many mls it was! I just wanted to try something citrusy sick of all the lavender rose or floral type creams and also because I thought the prebiotic part was interesting. It does smell like I’m putting lemon yogurt on my hands which is … a bit strange? Doesn’t matter tho ! It absorbed very quickly and is NOT greasy which is the best part about it. Hate putting on a cream and then your hands feel disgusting and like.. you can’t use your hands to reach for things!

  2. […] Long name. Fabulous hand cream. Light as air, super-hydrating and scented with Sicilian lemons this hand cream is a hard one to beat and at £17 for 300ml you can keep it by the kitchen sink and watch it last for ages.  Full review here. […]

  3. Would love to know what you think, I think you’ll like this one! Also at John Lewis for sure x

  4. This sounds like a fantastic bathroom sink hand cream, the sheer size & value alone makes it good for after everyday hand washing. I hope my local M&S stock REN, I’ll have to pop in and buy this x