detox_body_oilFancy a stroll through the Jardins D’Eden?

“We encourage the use of our aromatherapy creations as part of a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet, regular exercise, lots of positive energy, and time out to unwind and meditate” say the creators of London brand Jardins D’EDEN – there’s a philosophy worth sticking to in 2013, in a nut shell!

The father of the three sisters who launched their “Luxury Treats for the Urban Dweller” brand was a maitre savonneur who produced all-natural, olive oil based artisan body products in 1967. These are urban dweller treats with a deeply Mediterranean soul.

The natural essential oils in this Detox Luxury Massage Body Oil read like a long relaxing, reviving walk down a country lane in Provence:

Juniper berry An antiseptic and astringent oil, good if you have oily skin or cellulite. A sweet, fresh and woody-balsamic aroma.

Grapefruit oil is tissue toning and invigorating, helps optimise a healthy immune system, uplifts and revives mind and body and again, good for cellulite.

Lemongrass Antiseptic, antibacterial, deodorising, energising, stimulating, enlivens the senses, focuses the mind and is an excellent insect repellent. Fresh, lemony-citrus, grass-like aroma.

Cypress Toning, useful for visible veins and cellulite, helps boost the immune system, especially during menstruation/menopause,balancing. Sweet, warm,woody aroma.

Lime  Refreshing, revives tired muscles, uplifts the spirit.

Apply (ideally) to clean, warm, slightly damp skin for optimal absorbtion. This Detox oil would be great after a long flight, long week or a challenging day, one to earmark for Valentine’s and really quite surprisingly well priced at £25/100ml for something so luxurious.

Take a stroll around the Jardins D’EDEN Detox – Indulge – Unwind collections at www.jardinsdeden.co.uk



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