If you follow us @BeautyShortlist on Twitter you’ll know we’re big Ancienne Ambiance candle fans – they seem to burn longer than a lot of others and this one is a real winter beauty:


Hand-poured-in-England and made from natural beeswax, this sensual and comforting Ambergris resin Romana Candle burns evenly and more importantly, slowly.  We actually did an experiment last Christmas during our Snow Glow Zone candle special and took four candles, the same wax weight, and let them burn for exactly the same number of hours each evening.  The Ancienne Ambiance candle was still burning on the last night while the other three had melted away, so these candles have been on our “favourites” list for a year now because of their slow-burning beeswax and lead-free wicks.

Romana Candle £36, includes complimentary set of Ancienne Ambiance matches and arrives beautifully gift-boxed.

PS: Their Goddess Body Oil (Argan with an oh so subtle touch of vanilla is delicious, ultra-fine and not sure if it’s lovelier in summer or winter…well worth a look).

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