…or someone you adore.

1. Book a treatment sooner than later at OSKIA’s Covent Garden Spa with the fabulous Holly Webster.  Iconic facial therapist Abigail James designed the spa treatment menu and OSKIA’s best of British skincare range is just heavenly.  Also known as “arrive looking 40, leave looking 35”.

2. Treat yourself to your very own bespoke plant remedy-based aromatherapy skincare set formulated by the lovely Cyrine at Cyrine Aromatherapy in London

3. Live life The Simple Way. The clever new book by Simon Tyler will teach you how to keep life and everything in it, simple. You and your life will thank you for it in 2013.

4. Bake it till you make it at a baking class with Eric Lanlard – cheer up a gloomy February and book for his French Country Baking class on 13th which includes a full Provencal lunch with fine wines and a Cake Boy goody bag. The queue forms to the right, thank you!

5. After you’ve perfected the art of baking, bring out the Uri Geller in you and learn how to Bend Time.  Yes, time is more relative than we think, depending on how we ‘use’ and perceive it. Find out how to squeeze more things into a day that will start to feel less busy (and less stressful). Tom Evans runs workshops, or sign up for his newsletters and take his fascinating course. Dip your toes into it here: www.bendingtime.info

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