Ciate’s Mini Mani Advent Calendar, exclusive to Selfridges £34, is so gorgeous it’s…not surprisingly out of stock (bit of a downer) but you can sign up at Selfridges to be the first to hear when they get more in. Ciate’s limited editions have a habit of selling out almost immediately – as did their Ciate Caviar Manicure launch sets.

If you wanted one and can’t wait, you could always console yourself at, or with, this seriously sparkly Caviar Mini Bar £20 – New In, and still in stock and quite possibly one of the best-priced Christmassy beauty sets around this year.

Moving right along now one of the best beauty advent calendars of 2012…

We like a zero calorie advent calendar so here’s Liz Earle’s 24 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar.  What delicious mini beauty treats lurk behind those little red doors? That would be telling  (oh alright then, click on the calendar to find out) £100.

We like a zero calorie advent calendar? Well yes…but who are we trying to kid?? Our favourite Hotel Chocolat (the one you love to check into but may need to be escorted out of) has 3 calendars out this Christmas – a milk chocolate one, a white chocolate one (£12 each) and here’s Hotel Chocolat’s Truffles For Two £25. Perfect for when you feel like a spot of truffle hunting or if someone tall, dark and delicious pops in unexpectedly. Or if they don’t.

…and away from glitter and back to tradition for a moment with this charming and collectable “The Story of Christmas” mini booklet advent calendar from the General Trading Company.  Pull out the December  “windows” and a cute gift-tag style mini story is revealed.  On sale now £9.40 (was £14)

Not keen on all the bling-and-bang that can accompany Christmas? Sit back, relax and control your tinsel allergy with  Liberty’s Glitter Calendar.  Traditionalists will love it and Regent Street has never looked so magical! If you’re a collector, this might be one to keep £9.95.

Ooh difficult question! When is an advent calendar not an advent calendar? Erm, let’s have a think? When it’s a Gisela Graham Christmas Stocking at Liberty’s. No chocolates hidden here (boo) but you can move the little candy cane along to mark each day leading up to the big one.  Or maybe the pockets are large enough to stuff chocs in them? We’re not sure but there’s only one way to find out… £16.95

Adooooorable….puzzles on the back, chocolates inside and just £5 from Ocado.

Contains: Milk Chocolate Gold Reindeer, Milk Chocolate Santa Claus, Milk Napolitains, Milk Chocolate Snowdrops, Lindor Mini Balls


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