Uri Ben Hur, who created the “Yes to…” brands has come up with a fantastically affordable, natural new range – Mineral Flowers.

We recently reviewed Lovea’s bio argan shampoo for just £4.99 on the blog and these natural beauty steal brands are blowing the “…but organic is more expensive!” argument right out of the (bath)water. Affordable naturals are a growing trend and it’s these brands that will play a big part in boosting sales within the natural beauty market next year.

I was going to review the Chamomile Wax Hand Cream with Camel Milk (£6/100ml) which stands up very well on its own as a good value natural hand cream, but  I’m going for this Rose & Geranium Wax Body and Massage Milk instead.

Why? It smells prettier but the real reason is that after using it for two days I realised I didn’t even need a hand cream. And if you like the feel of lighter, glycerine-based hand creams (they’re good at sealing in moisture as glycerine is a humectant – it attracts water) you’ll probably like the texture too.

What’s in this summery-looking tube? Camel milk (which I haven’t had time to research yet as it doesn’t appear very often), rosemary, glycerine, sea water, beeswax and Dead Sea mud (with 26 minerals no less) plus a boat load of other things… too many to fit into this post so click on the pic to go to Feel Unique’s listing with all the ingredients.  It’s 99.6% natural, paraben-free, just £10 for a whole 200ml tube and feels great on skin – there is nothing not to like here.  I need to test more products but based on the two I have, Mineral Flowers may just become one of my favourite new brands.

PS: Have a look at the Shower Gel,  just £5/200ml (if you try it let me know what you think.)

See the rest of the MINERAL FLOWERS range at

And for full ingredient listings on each MINERAL FLOWERS product go to Feel Unique


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  1. Ajmal Darwish says:

    I love the brand and I know the man. amazing creativity, a real man. if he was negotiating the peace talks, there would be peace long time ago.