One of the best beauty posts we’ve read all year was yesterday’s, by British Beauty Blogger highlighting the devastating link between the use of palm oil in beauty and food products to the deforestation epidemic and its sad “by product”, the slaughter of orangutans.

Why don’t we call for labelling of products as “Palm Oil Free” – e.g. using an industry-wide logo of a palm tree with a massive red circle and cross through it, like a “no smoking” sign?  Anyone know more about this?

So any candle without palm oil is a hit with us. Pinks Boutique’s candles are hand-poured in Derbyshire using only eco soya wax and pure natural essential oils, no toxic paraffin, and when melted, they can be used as a body moisturiser…how gorgeous is that?

There are three scents in the range:  Jasmine & Ylang Ylang – perfect for traditional and modern romantics; Grapefruit & Ginger – a zesty fusion to revive, refresh and invigorate, and a deliciously festive winter warmer of Orange & Clove, a comforting blend of citrus and spice. All have a burn time of 40 hrs.

Pinks Boutique Luxury Eco Candles are £35 each and available in-spa and online at


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