From Scandilicious to two of our our favourite new time-saving gurus…  We Like. You Like?


She’s a baking goddess extraordinaire and our very own Nordic Nigella (look away now if you’re on a no-carb diet!)

Signe Johansen has put Scandinavian cuisine back in the spotlight and she’s everywhere now, from the Financial Times to Amazon.

We loved her “Scandilicious” cook book and now Scandilicious Baking is on our autumn reading list (Pumpkin, Cheese and Sage Muffins anyone?) We love food and Signe loves beauty, so  we really should do a Scandilicious beauty feature on the blog soon.



Vicki needs no introduction, suffice to say she’s our go-to food guru, we’ve been following her for years. She’s one of the UK’s foremost naturopaths and nutritionists, frequently appearing in Psychologies magazine, RED, The Times and YOU mag to name a few.

Winter’s around the corner now, so if you want to boost your immune system and give you and your diet an overheaul before sleigh season, you might want to have a look at her latest book Honestly Healthy.

Britain is behind the US when it comes to alkalising as a healthy way of eating but hopefully more of us will catch on soon because over-acidity in our bodies leads to dire things, including, many believe, cancer.

Are your sugar cravings controlling you? Or do you just feel under par, far too often? If you’re ready to ditch the naughty stuff and dive in, Honestly Healthy comes highly recommended.

Need to get away? Vicki runs retreats in the UK and Ibiza (book us in!)  For more info see www.vickiedgson.com/retreats



Former Cosmpolitan editor and Aussie media superstar, Sarah’s blog is a must-read if you’re into green beauty, want to de-clutter your life or have an auto-immune disease like Hashimoto’s (thyroid), which Sarah does. It’s the illness nobody can see which leaves you feeling as dead as a Dodo on the bad days and sometimes not even that great on the good ones. Crap, basically.

Sarah’s just been blogging about her round-Europe adventure and one of our favourite posts is Take Time: The Ikarian Lesson That’s Changing My Life. It’s about the other-wordly magic of the Greek island Ikaria and how important it is to take things more slowly – we live in high speed world, stuck in high gear, maximum speed on the blender 24/7 , a hundred things to do in a day. We weren’t designed for that.

Sarah’s a “Quit Sugar” advocate, too. I agree with those who say sugar is the cocaine of the 21st century – sounds extreme but the amount we consume (in Britain) is horrifying.  Nothing wrong with some good chocolate now and again but we’ve adopted sugar as our national comfort food. Cue the Christmas chocolate ads…and pass the Ferrero Rochers.


And now…the men!


Having spent the last year working 12-16 hour days, sometimes six days a week, things reached the point of madness.  I freelance for a living so juggling features with the (ad-free, unsponsored) Beauty Shortlist and working on new projects all at the same time left me with very little “me” time.  I found Tom Evans on Twitter, when I spotted a Tweet by Positive Luxury…so I’ve started his Bending Time course and so far am loving it.

Did you know our left brain, supposedly, sits “in time” – that’s the logical part – while our right brain is everywhere and “everywhen”? It’s making them work together in an optimal way that saves us time, keeps us focused and helps decrease our stress levels. More tips at www.bendingtime.info


I’m still learning how to send shorter emails but I’ve picked up a lot of simplify-your-life tips from Simon Tyler and his new book  The Simple Way is out now on Amazon and getting rave reviews. I interviewed him for a Women’s Fitness feature last year and he’s my keep life simple guru.

Simon likes keeping things simple so enough said…great book, have a look! (Good newsletters, too.)


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