Anyone like a “Latte”?

The lovely Jenni from and I were just singing the praises on Twitter this week about autumn’s cappuccino-coloured nail palette after a summer of brights and neons.  Nothing wrong with those but you can overdose, so it’s nice to see all the minks and moles around, like the muted glam of Chanel’s Frenzy which is everywhere this season.

‘Beige-and-barely-there’ is one of AW12’s makeup trends, too, of course. Take Armani’s Neo Classics and Burberry’s Nudes, for example, both are fresh au naturel alternatives if winter’s blue eyeliners and claret lips for some reason don’t work for you.

So here’s “Latte”, from the 3-Free Megan Miller Nail Polish Collection at CuteCosmetics. (Notice that clever “eCo” in there?) Framboise is another shade to earmark if you’re a fan of those deep, dark Dior and Chanel reds (looks great on winter toes.)

3-Free means these Megan Miller polishes are free from three things that have a habit of creeping into nail polishes – but in an ideal world should not be there:

1) Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)
2) Toluene
3) Formaldehyde

“Latte” by Megan Miller.  3-Free Nail Polishes in various shades, £8.95 each/15ml.

(Did we mention they’re glossy, easy to apply, have good staying power and we like the touchy-feely cork “grip tops”?)



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