Goodbye Dry Skin! Barefoot SOS

Are you plagued by persistent dry skin and haven’t tried Barefoot Botanicals’ therapeutic SOS range yet? Head over to

They’re ultra-gentle and suitable for all ages and honestly, SOS Barrier Hand Cream is an absolute lifesaver if dry hands, patchy psoriasis or eczema are your problem, in fact we’ve heard various reports of Barefoot SOS working when cortizone creams don’t.  Even if you don’t have eczema or sensitive skin, the SOS Face and Body Cream is gentle, nourishing and hydrating (and convenient as it’s a two-in-one essentially, too).  This is a brand I come back to frequently in between testing scores of others – the SOS Barrier Hand Cream won Best Therapy Hand Cream in our 2012 Awards.

Barefoot combines cutting edge modern skincare research with centuries old herbal wisdom and you’ll never see petrochemicals, ingredients beginning with PEG-, Propylene Glycol, SLS, SLES or other naughty stuff in their products because (thank you!) they only use ingredients originally derived from plants.

Michaela Britton won the entire Barefoot Botanicals SOS range worth £100 in our comp last month – congratulations. (Hope you’re enjoying the products!)

*Barefoot’s SOS Barrier Hand Cream contains Shea Butter, Macadamia, Sunflower and Jojoba Oils, Stellaria (Chickweed) and Mallow Botanical Extracts, plus Pure Essential Oils of Lavender and Frankincense making it a super-charged-but-gentle hand and nail cream that often works when others don’t.

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  1. michaela britton says:

    Thanks so much, it arrived today. Can’t wait to use it and I will keep you updated on how I get on with it xxx