Aha! Meet the Sen7, designed by Germans and new to Space.NK – and our favourite beauty gadget this month.  It’s airport-friendly but this sleek, pebble-shaped fragrance atomiser is smaller, cuter and more sophisticated than the atomisers on sale at Duty Free.

Simply pull the bottom half off and fill the mini “tank” inside with scent (just take the nozzle off your bottle of scent, press the Sen7 internal “nozzle” against the fragrance bottle nozzle and pump the fragrance in). The scent sprays out of a tiny “flap” on the slim side of the top half of the Sen7.

Space.NK is now stocking the brushed silver Sen7, second from left in the pic, and I took it to Morocco with me recently.  Instead of hauling my tote bag all the way to Fez I downsized to a smaller bag and decanted some of my Jo Loves Mango Nectar into this clever little thing.  It lasts for about 70 sprays – enough for at least a whole week away – but a word of warning. Keep it hidden deep inside your handbag because if the man in your life (or the one sitting at the cafe table next to you) gets a sneak peek you can kiss it goodbye.

Watch how Sen7’s “easyfill” system works here

The very clever Sen7, now at Space.NK £25

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