FAB – Detox Eye Roller

First Aid Beauty (FAB) was created by Lilli Gordon as a gentle brand that targets specific skin issues and really keeps things simple.  Dry, parched, itchy skin?  Hello Ultra Repair Cream (FAB’s hero product). Facial Redness? Get the Anti-Redness Serum out. And FAB’s 5-in-1 SPF30 Face Cream is a hard worker – it’s a sunscreen, moisturizer, brightens and evens skin tone and works well on all types of skin except “very dry”.

But let’s home in for a minute on FAB’s Detox Eye Roller (second from left in the pic). Just-engaged Jennifer Anniston is reported to be a fan, and this cool little roller loves handbags.  First off, it’s soothing and cooling and its hydrating effect is pretty long lasting, thanks to the ingredient Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid “HA” has an extraordinary ability to retain moisture in the skin).

Advanced peptides to help boost collagen production and fade fine lines, Witch Hazel protects and soothes the delicate under-eye skin, and caffeine constricts the fine blood vessels that cause those pesky dark under-eye circles even models aren’t immune to. The roller ball helps distribute any lymphatic (puffy/saggy) build-up, too.

Dark eye circles are often genetic but they can be a sign of adrenal fatigue – if you have thyroid issues, or lead a burn-yourself-out lifestyle, your adrenals could be in trouble.  Sleep deprivation and dehydration don’t help and too much SUN, STRESS and SUGAR are all “super-agers” that don’t do any favours for anyone’s skin.

We also thought the Age Delay 5-in-1 Eye Cream was fab, too. If you’re already a fan or want to dip in to the brand, there’s 20% OFF the entire First Aid Beauty range at BEAUTY BAY at the moment so the Eye Cream is £17.60 (was £22) and the Detox Eye Roller is now £14.40 instead of £18.

FAB’s Detox Eye Roller is free of parabens, harsh chemicals and colourants and is safe for sensitive skin. Also available at Boots.


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