Balance.  It’s the key to a happy life, the secret of beautiful skin, the formula for staying healthy…

In a story that takes one giant leap – or a series of smaller but significant ones – from the kitchen table to the high street, sisters Rebecca and Clare Hopkins started Balance Me in 2005.  Aromatherapist and retail expert Sian Jones joined them later and now this brand feels as if it’s everywhere…in the high street, in the press, and we imagine they’ve built some sort of extension to accommodate all their beauty Awards?

Loved by the beauty elite from Kate Shapland to Jo Fairley, Balance Me strikes an intelligent, ethical balance between affordability and quality. Simple, clean and modern and enticingly packaged, if you were doing a brand analysis of the perfect natural brand, Balance Me would pretty much be it.

So, if you’re jetting off somewhere soon, you might like their “Minis” while two new products also caught our eye this week: The Radiant Skin Collection a steal at £18 (in the pic) and the Daily Moisturiser SPF18 £26.

We predict a spike in daily SPFs next summer as more brands launch their versions of daily facial moisturisers with built-in SPFs – it’s going to be a strong trend for 2013 (with higher SPF factors in the US and Australian markets for obvious reasons). They’re light, convenient and protective and the formulas are being fine-tuned. Goodbye “claustrophobic white zinc face”, those days are over.

It’s six years since Balance Me hit the high street (at John Lewis).  Here’s to the next brilliant and beautiful six!

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