Gazelli reminds us what a big, wide, wonderful world the world of beauty really is.

You have your English rose, French lavender, Moroccan argan oil and now White Healing Oil from Azerbaijan. (Yes we had to get the map out before the Eurovision Song Contest, too, it’s at the crossroads between Western Asia and Eastern Europe).  Amazingly, eight of the world’s 11 climates exist here, supporting an exceptional variety of almost 5,000 herbs and plants.

White Healing Oil forms over centuries in the deep layers of the earth beneath the plains of a place called Naftalan.  (Are you sitting comfortably because this might turn into a fairytale soon?)  The oil has qualities that help increase the metabolic processes at the cellular level which in turn revs up the skin’s ability to regenerate itself and absorb important nutrients and oxygen.

This Triple Youth® Ultimate Firming Serum contains White Healing Oil, anti-oxidant-rich Pomegranate extract to fight skin’s arch enemies – those ever-present free radicals – and there’s also Lipoic acid and DMAE anti-ageing organic compounds which do a tidy job of toning and plumping up skin.

If you’re not quite ready to delve into this exquisite 30ml pot (£65) then you might like the Skin-balancing Cleanser (100ml/£20). Their Ultra-Nourishing Saviour Mask (75ml/£28) with White Healing Oil and Fig extract is already a best-seller.

Dr Zarifa Hamzayeva and her daughter Jamila have developed quite an extraordinary range here, and somebody deserves a design award for the packaging (and the website) don’t they?

Triple Youth® Ultimate Firming Serum and the rest of the Gazelli range, now at Urban Retreat Beautique

One response to “GAZELLI”

  1. So lovely to hear more about this range as I am keen to try it yet feeling a little overwhelmed by skincare at the moment.
    I’ve very intrigued by the ingredients as well as the scent, what does white healing oil smell like?
    I agree the designs are stunning and I must say seem reasonably priced too!
    Thanks for sharing!