REN Photoactive Sun Veil SPF15

OK this got us excited when we tested it last week!  Yes, there are tinted moisturisers with built-in SPFs, yes there are SPF15’s and daily moisturisers for the face that contain sun protection, but REN’s new Photoactive Sun Veil SPF15 is different.

The texture is perfect. It’s clean, comfortable, neutral (i.e. almost matte), with a very faint orangey (perhaps?) scent and there’s no residue.  You apply it after your moisturiser so you get all the hydrating benefits of that, then this goes on top to protect skin against those rays (which we’re not seeing enough of this summer in the UK – ahem, it’s July already!)

Now for the scientific bit: It’s a triple action micro-mineral sunscreen that delivers broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, fights free radicals and harnesses beneficial light energy for a laser effect that gives the complexion a radiant, even toned appearance.

The Bio Extracts are:

  • Zinc Oxide from Zinc Mineral protects against UVA & UVB (but, no nasty white zinc residue, how did REN do that?)
  • Fluorophores from Nori Extract which absorbs UV light and boosts elastin and revitalises
  • Antileukine from Ochroleuca Algae – this is a powerful anti-oxidant and reduces UV induced inflammation
  • Tocotrienols from Arctic Cranberry Seed oil captures free radicals

Few things feel worse on your face than a claustrophobic white-zinc SPF, or one that leaves your cheeks shinier than those olives lurking next to that chilled cerveza. This won’t.  Will REN create a Sun Veil SPF30? We don’t know.  But for daily use in the UK – barring a solar-fuelled heatwave – this really hits the spot.

REN Photoactive Sun Veil SPF15 50ml/£26

REN are currently offering 10% off new orders and two free samples with every purchase.

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