SOL DE JANEIRO Spray Solaire SPF30

Our Brazilian (oops, we mean Portuguese!) is terrible but we think “Sua Pele, Nossa Praia” means “Your Skin, Our Beach” and this is what we’ll be taking to the beach as soon as the sun comes out again (could be a long wait the way June is going).  So if you’re jetting off somewhere soon but haven’t quite found the perfect SPF spray, you might like this one by Sol de Janeiro.

Sol de Janeiro’s UVA/UVB High Protection Starfruit Sunscreen Spray is SPF30. (Quick side note: SPF15 isn’t really strong enough now for a lot of reasons, one of them being that we are chronic under-applyers of sun cream which means that your SPF15 ends up acting like a weaker SPF8 or 10).

The texture of this spray is non-cloying, it’s mineral oil-based and paraben-free and it feels comfortable on skin without being sticky or greasy. Nothing worse than reaching across the sand while maintaining your horizontal beach towel position to rummage around for that paperback somewhere at the bottom of the beach bag and suddenly your right arm looks and feels like an emery board.

There are instructions on the box in English, Greek, German, French and all sorts of languages, so it sounds like Sol de Janeiro will be appearing on beaches all over Europe  and beyond this summer.

Sol de Janeiro also do a Coconut Water Cooling Mist, but we’ll have to wait till it warms up (or EasyJet have a sale) to try it out.


2 responses to “SOL DE JANEIRO Spray Solaire SPF30”

  1. Fernando, you’re absolutely right. What’s “oops” in Portuguese? x

  2. Fernando says:

    Sol de Janeiro Rocks! But here in Brazil we don’t speak Brazilian but Portuguese! 😉