Four for Father’s Day (Guest Post)

Four for Father’s Day
Not sure what to get for Father’s Day on June 17th? Grooming expert Thom Watson of MANFACE reveals his men’s fragrance shortlist picks for this Sunday (we’re liking the heritage theme)…

Escaping from the world of Jack Wills tracksuit bottoms worn with flip flops and a tight A&F T-shirt accompanied by over-worked hair, quaffed with blonde highlights, this post is for men, proper men, men that are rough and ready for anything that’s thrown at them. Dads. So what better time to talk about dads than just before Father’s day?

Over the last 10 years or so, the world of men’s and women’s mainstream fragrance has started to come together, with men’s fragrances becoming sweeter and fruiter. I think that even though many of these fragrances are my favourite, sometimes a man should smell like a man.I’ve selected 4 heritage fragrances to choose from varying in age and price. The oldest is 220 years and the youngest is 50. They’ve formed the basis for the world of fragrance for generations and are true greats in every respect.

Aramis – £39.94
This is a great fragrance that I feel is very business like. It goes well with a good suit and is equipped for the board room. The base notes of Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vetiver and Tree Moss exude warmth, whilst clary sage and bergamot give a little bit of a playful edge. This fragrance means serious business.
Buy at Mankind

Acqua di Parma Colonia – £45
I have to say that this is my absolute favourite out of the quad. Designed in 1916 for Italian men to fragrance their handkerchiefs, this beautiful zingy citrus fragrance is reinforced with rosemary, amber and lavender. It’s got the perfect balance of warmth, strength and light heartedness. I’d say this is great for play, something to wear during days off from work, going out with the family or playing golf with friends.
Buy at Brummells of London

Chanel Pour Monsieur – £53
The oldest Chanel fragrance for men, it’s now 75 years of age. This is gorgeous for an evening out, sultry and provocative. Its warmth is from the cedarwood, oakmoss, vetiver with playfulness from the neroli and lemon. It’s light and not overpowering by any means.
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At 220 years old, this is the grandfather of fragrances, with its ingredients still kept secret (apart from the main notes), it used to be used for medicinal purposes way back when. In my opinion, it’s very similar to Acqua di parma, well Acqua di Parma is similar to this going by age. There’s the top citrus notes, the same rosemary in the middle as well as musk and woods at the base. In reality however, this is much lighter and more casual. This is great for everyday use and just something to splash on when you really can’t think what to wear.
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