Guest Post: Beauty Outside In by CAROLINE CAIN

Nutritionist, reflexologist and fertility expert Caroline Cain has a new e-book, More Than A Pretty Face, out now and she  really knows her stuff –  so we’re delighted to have her as a guest on The Beauty Shortlist this week.  If your energy’s flagging, your skin’s misbehaving or you just don’t feel “right”, have a look at her site  

Here she reveals why “read-the-label” should be a beauty mantra and why we need to be feeding our skin good things (because the bad ones seep right into our bloodstream – we won’t even go there!)

“Did you know that research shows that the average woman uses 12 different products containing 168 harmful ingredients on her skin daily?

Approximately 80% is absorbed into our bloodstream within about 20 minutes and delivered to every cell in our body – into tissues, organs, skin, hair and nails.

Would you knowingly eat petroleum or lead? By using non-natural products that is exactly what we are doing, except, instead of being filtered and made safe by our liver like the food we eat, when applied to skin these chemicals go straight into our bloodstream and onto our cells.

It’s a fact of modern life that our bodies are exposed to a host of toxins from:

  • Environmental pollution
  • The chemicals in our homes and work places
  • The foods we eat
  • Negative thoughts and stress

Making good choices for our skin significantly reduces our toxic load by actively removing a major source of exposure because as our bodies do not recognise synthetic ingredients this can lead to inflammation, rashes and even the creation of fat cells as our bodies try to either fight or store away these unidentified invaders.

So, take charge of your choices: read product labels, source healthy alternatives, or even make your own products!”

Caroline Cain is a Naturopathic Nutritionist. Her new e-book “More Than a Pretty Face” is available from Sign up for her newsletters and receive her FREE guide 6 Simple Steps to Clean Up Your Diet here

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