VAISHALY Facial Wash

Superfacialist Vaishaly’s “less is more” philosophy is one of the main foundations of her award-winning skincare range and her simple-is-beautiful approach makes using her products a breeze.

Rather than creating a complicated skincare ritual with loads of different products and steps, her products are clean, balancing and gentle – as she says, “you don’t need a lot of different products to achieve beautiful skin.”

Correct cleansing (cleansing with a small “c” – not stripping!) is a crucial pillar of beautiful skin which is where Vaishaly’s lightly foaming Facial Wash comes in.  It washes away the day’s grime and oil build-up and sweeps off mascara and make-up as well and this would be an excellent “investment cleanser” to splurge on if you take the Tube every day or live in the city.  In fact it works out well, cost-per-use, as you don’t need a lot – plus it comes in a full 150ml pump which will last for ages.

It also gets extra points for its delicious citrus-mint scent because the sugar-based cleansing ingredient formula contains lime and lemon essential oils and a hint of peppermint, as well as lemon myrtle (purifying and anti-microbial) and calming, anti-inflammatory aloe vera.

Vaishaly’s famous facials and her skincare range are available at the Vaishaly Clinic, 51 Paddington Street, London W1 or at the  Four Seasons Hotel Spa in Park Lane, London W1 and you can find out more and buy the products here, online. 

Vaishaly Facial Wash £45/150ml for normal/combination skin

One response to “VAISHALY Facial Wash”

  1. Danny Stokes says:

    Vaishaly products are exquisite! I love the Day Moisturiser SPF15 (dry/sensitive) and the cleansing balm! If I could use just one product for the rest of my life it would be the Day Moisturiser SPF15! x x