Best Lip Therapy – Wonderlip

Wonderlip by Lubatti won Best Lip Therapy in our Awards last month for its cashmere soft texture, lip-plumping/super-hydrating triple Hyaluronic Acid complex and its UVA and UVB filters – and it got bonus points for being paraben free.

Targetted skincare is on the rise and Wonderlip caught our eye when it launched last year as the first product in Lubatti’s Anti-age collection.  Designed to increase lip volume and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, it feels like a silky serum and works best when applied a few times a day around the mouth area and lips.  (Allow to dry before applying lip colour).

At £29 for 10ml it’s a beauty investment, but if you’re starting to see wrinkles around the lip area, already have defined lines or you have a tendency towards dry lips and need something more concentrated, it’s well worth a try.  This would also be a good lip treatment if you work in air conditioned offices or live in a hot, dry climate as it increased hydration by up to 60% in tests. We tried it over a two week period – it works.

We also tried Lubatti’s Wild Violet Pure Indulgence Bath Oil (beautifully British and very luxurious, with a true wild violet scent) – if you don’t know the brand yet, have a look at Lubatti’s new skincare range, their heavenly-smelling reed diffusers and more Lubatti loveliness here:


2 responses to “Best Lip Therapy – Wonderlip”

  1. Elle says:

    I have a big thing about lipbalms as nothing I use ever seems to work. This is actually pretty good although my boyfriend has recently stolen mine so I need to demand that back! The other one I’ve tried is the PawPaw ointment but the packaging just isn’t as nice.

  2. Hannah says:

    Am pondering about this lip treatment as I do have the start of lines and tend towards very dry lips. At the minute I am loving Antipodes Skin Saviour balm but if I go for this I will have two lip products totalling £60!! But, if it works…. Hmm.