GORSE EDT & Candle by Laboratory Perfumes

What’s yellow, prickly and British, but thrives in places like Spain?

Gorse, of course!

Gorse finally gets to be the star of its own show among a plethora of floral scents now that perfumier Christopher Perry has captured its very essence in Laboratory Perfumes’ brand new, soon-to-be-cult EDT “Gorse No. 002”.

This is definitely a spring/summer fragrance and if you’ve ever brushed past gorse on a walk you’ll recognise that faint, almost coconut-vanilla powdery sweetness. Gorse No. 002  is a little bit citrussy, whisper-soft and very feminine but there’s a Cardamom note in it too which adds warmth to its “British countryside summer” notes.

If you’re a fan of traditional British scents like bluebell or rose but are in the mood for something a bit more left of centre, chances are you’ll like Gorse’s  “lie on the grass under the clouds” English seaside meadow feel.

GORSE EDT at Cult Beauty £40/100ml  Made in the UK


You might also like the clever recyclable beaker Gorse candle. Once the wax has gone you can reuse the beaker which even has marked “levels” all down one side for measuring liquids. And it comes with its own little cork “base” inside the box, to protect surfaces from the heat. £29/248g at Cult Beauty

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