ApiVita Lip Balms (tinted and delicious)

ApiVita‘s Lip Balms contain honey, beeswax, walnut oil, rose, geranium, chamomile, blackcurrant, cocoa butter…unlike Vaseline which rhymes with gasoline (it originated from rod wax on oil rigs – petrol-eum jelly, the clue’s in the name). I did use Vaseline one summer about seven years ago, but stopped using it.

I had those cute little Vaseline tins everywhere.. my bag, the car, at home…but the more I put on, the drier my lips got (vicious circle). Eventually it dawned on me, it wasn’t my lips,Vaseline just didn’t agree with them.  Also after Googling the origins of Vaseline I don’t particularly want to put anything on my mouth invented by a man visiting oil wells – it put me off – big time!

My favourite lip balm of the moment is Pai Skincare’s Orange & Bergamot but I love ApiVita’s balm for summer as it provides a bit of colour. The blackcurrant, pomegranate and rose are tinted and taste good, so you get light colour + natural hydration.

Baby range, skincare, fantastic shampoos and lots of natural treats at Apivita.com

Honey* Parabens
Beeswax* Silicone
Olive* oil Propylene glycol
Candelilla wax Mineral oil
Carnauba wax
Cocoa butter
Shea butter*
Avocado oil & avocado oil unsaponifiables
Castor Oil
Jojoba esters
Vitamins A & E
Orange* essential oil

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