Q: I’m just so unbelievably pretty, I have no friends

A: Well, there are lots of things you could do.  Distract yourself from “you” and volunteer – perhaps for Smile Train or you could work with Katie Piper’s brilliant foundation for burn victims.  Try thinking less about yourself, and more about others.


Q: The more I apply my cheap big brand lip balm, the worse my lips seem to get. Help! I’m stuck in a vicious circle!!

A: We can recommend lots of natural lip balms, many v. well priced, that will solve your irritated lip syndrome within days.


Q: I keep spamming beauty bloggers about my sink-made strawberry scrub, but none of them are featuring it.

A: Try listing your ingredients, getting a better website and approaching the whole thing properly.


Q: I hate my new organic shampoo I just bought, it’s not foamy enough!!

A: Ah, that’ll be the lack of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – that’s good!



Q: Why should I switch to an organic shampoo? It’s just silly – and they’re more expensive anyway.

A: Wouldn’t you pay a bit more to wash your baby’s hair in something *really* pure? Toxins seep into skin (and bloodstream)








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